Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shocking News Concerning Greg Dee

Shocking News Concerning Greg Dee

Local residents say they were shocked to learn that WDHN Meteorologist Greg Dee has only recently received his Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society.

Thelma Purdue, of Webb, led an angry mob to the WDHN studios this morning, demanding satisfaction. “We want to know what kind of scam Greg Dee has been pulling and for how long?” Purdue demanded. “Has our weather been accurate or what?”

The mob was kept out of the building by the imposing figure of non other than Ken Curtis. With Ken Curtis watching the crowd Greg Dee came out to soothe them.

“Your weather is accurate and reliable.” Greg Dee said, adding, “It always has been. I was just certified by the AMS.”

From the crowd came a shout, “Oh yeah, is it partly cloudy or partly sunny?”

Ken Curtis made a move for the crowd, “Who said that?”

Greg Dee placed a hand on Ken Curtis’ arm. “No Ken Curtis, now is not the time for violence. Let me speak to them.” Greg Dee opened his arms to the crowd and spoke, “Good people of Webb, the weather is not black and white. It is a combination of fronts and systems sometimes too complex for categorizing with a simple partly this or 30 percent chance of that. Actually, just now, as I study this area, I find we are in an Adiabatic Process, which is in essence a thermodynamic change of state in a system in which there is no transfer of heat or mass across the boundaries of the system. In this process, compression will result in a warming…wait, where are you going? I am Greg Dee, hear my forecast”

Ken Curtis stopped him, “It’s too late kid. They started leaving ten minutes ago.”

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