Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chair Repair

My wife and I refurbish and re-purpose old furniture pieces, as you can see from her blog.  K. Gilbert Designs & Unique Finds  Pictured below is a pair of confusing chairs.  Confusing because I wonder why someone would make an incomplete chair with a thin piece of press board as the seat.  Aside from the legs, the seating area should be the most substantial portion of a chair. 

As you can see with the one pictured on the left I cut a piece of plywood for the center.  This did not have to be exact because I was filling the crack with wood glue after taping the bottom side to hold the glue in place.

Then I began filling the crack with glue.  This took several applications due to waiting while the glue flowed downward.

After I was satisfied with the glue filling the crack I waited a few days for the glue to cure.  After curing, the bond will be stronger than most other parts of the chair.  Once the glue was cured I sanded it smooth and painted it white.

  Looks pretty good from that view, how about a close up.

Using an aged piece of plywood helped match the grain of the rest of the seat.  Now my wife may sell it as is or put an aged finish on it which would required some light sanding and staining.

Now it is time to tackle the other one.

Monday, May 23, 2011

RIP Keppy

I just found out that one of the people I write about has passed of natural causes.  I never met Keppy but I hope he enjoyed the stories.  I will post the obit as soon as it is available.  Condolences to his family and co-workers.

RSN story

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