Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Porsche 928.  My spell check allowed the previous sentence.  Why?  Because that says it all.

The Porsche 928 (pronounced poor-sha) was the car I loved as a teen.  The 911 was and continues to be Porsche's bread and butter but the 928 was the flagship of the fleet.  Manufactured from 1978 through 1995 was one of just a few models with a front engine layout.  During its reign the 928 was considered a supercar, although a modern family car would surely give it a run.

Visually I find the 928 appealing to this day.  The shape and curves of the car are unlike anything else.  When I would see one on the road I turn to admire the beautifully curved rear, just as you would an attractive woman.  I have never been too concerned with how the car drives, as I can't admire its beauty while sitting inside.  While I don't understand my wife wanting the fabric of the curtains to somehow match the sofa, I do understand that a black 928 should have some proper black rims.  Maybe it should be flat black, like a SR-71 Blackbird, the aeronautical equivalent of the 928.

Occasionally I search the web for used ones.  My wife will not allow a money pit so I search and dream without telling her.  I did tell her of one I found in California for $500, it ran but the windows had been left down for over a year.  That would not bother me, it bothered her.

There's one sitting in a yard in Midland City.  I stopped by to look at it from the road.  Joyfully it was already black.  There was a dent in the door.  I didn't approve of the rims.  The grass and weeds underneath indicated it hadn't been moved in several months.  I saw an old man in the yard.  I got out and asked if it was for sale.  His response, "You can't afford it."  I asked again, agitated.  He grumbled "It was appraised for $12,000, you got $12,000?"  I threw my hands up in disgust and drove away.  It might have been worth $12k at one point, the weeds underneath knocked a minimum of $3000 off in my mind.  Obviously the old man has no idea what the car is worth.  I have seen 928's from $15k-$25k that were in immaculate condition.

The old jackleg might not be so cranky if he kept the car in the back yard.  I am sure a lot of people stop to ask.  In the mean time the value continues to go down.  In several more years I expect an estate sale, where the children will try to sell the car.  I imagine they will still say "It was appraised for $12,000."

I might drive by and check on the car every once and a while.  Just to let it know that someone appreciates it and someone would love it, given the chance.