Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ken Curtis Facts

When Rickey Stokes wants news he asks Ken Curtis.

Ken Curtis advised John Williams to “go blonde”.

Ken Curtis is the reason WDHN gets the best looking anchor-women.

Ken Curtis begat Larry Brock.

Does Ken Curtis sound like he is mocking someone when he speaks? It’s WTVY.

If Ken Curtis and Rickey Stokes ever fought it would be like matter versus anti-matter, and we all better pray that doesn’t happen.

Ken Curtis, Ann Varnum, you figure it out.

Ken Curtis taught Charlie Platt how to fish.

If Ken Curtis says it is an illegal slot machine, then by God, it is an illegal slot machine.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The book is ready to order

And The Egret Cawed is ready to order, just in time for Christmas.

Here is the link to to order the book for just $9.74


Monday, November 9, 2009

And The Egret Cawed

The book is finished and ready for ordering. I have preordered the first copy but it should also be available to you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WiregrassLive Mobile Estates...Chapter 1

PinkCamo, a longtime resident of the WiregrassLive Mobile Estates, could usually walk her dogs without concern for other residents or pets. Annie, the blind poodle, required a leash due to her demeanor around other animals. Eve, the Bloodhound, inspired more trust. Most residents of WiregrassLive Mobile Estates gave Pink a wide berth. Aggression was commonplace when she was walking the dogs; the poodle was known to attack too.

It started as a normal walk, but as she rounded the corner she halted as a DebbieT, the newest resident to WiregrassLive Mobile Estates, approached with two Great Danes, Michael and Lucifer. All four dogs immediately started barking. Both women were trying to restrain the dogs while screaming at each other.

Pink was first, “Got Dammit, I told you not to come near me with a dog!” her Kool cigarette wiggling between her lips.

“You didn’t tell me sheeet, beetch!” DebbieT spat in retort.

“Every-Got-Dam-body knows not to come near my dog!” PinkCamo exclaimed.

“Well Hells Bells, now I know!” DebbieT shouted as she was pulling her dogs away, adding, “Bitch” in a lower tone as she rounded the corner.

PinkCamo switched her can of cold Miller Lite to her leash hand as she proceeded to slap Annie’s head until she stopped barking. “Shut-Up! I almost spilled my beer because of you!” She drug Annie back to her trailer, Eve happily following behind. She threw the door open, escorted the dogs in and slammed it shut. Exhausted, she sat on her dog hair covered sofa, took a long drink, then an even longer drag on the Kool cigarette, sexily blew the smoke from her flaring nostrils and asked no one in particular “Who the hell was that?”

At approximately the same time DebbieT reached the remedial comfort of her new home. She popped open a Seagram’s wine cooler and lit a Kool cigarette herself. Overwhelmed, by everything happening in her life, the tears came. She sobbed out loud “Who in the hell was that?”

Friday, June 5, 2009

Want some Southern Hospitatilty, visit The BBQ Shack

This morning I checked my Google Analytics account. In the past week I have had visitors from 12 different countries. They are: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Italy, Slovenia, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, South Africa and Russia. I want to thank you all for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site.

I want to tell all of you to come to the Dothan Alabama area to visit the BBQ Shack at the corner of Fortner and Brannon Stand Roads. I have been amazed by the generosity from the sweet owners Jackson and Rhonda, who have provided us with plenty of food during my mother in law's death.

We are members of a local community website called We barely know each other away from the site. I have only seen them a handful of times. But if you are from anywhere in the world and want to know what southern hospitality is all about, visit them. I am sure Rhonda and Jackson would take the time to get to know you and feed you.

I have to stop for a second. We never really asked for anything, they just kept bringing food and hugs. It means so much with a death in the family.

Okay, I am back now. Get choked up still. I lied, we did ask for something. Another banana pudding. But they would not allow us to pay for it.

The banana pudding is excellent and I also got to try the strawberry shortcake for the first time, also very very good.

I need to wrap this up, too many things to do. If you want some good Bar-B-Que and southern hospitality, visit the BBQ Shack.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Morning After

He opened his eyes and stretched his whole body across the bed. The smell of coffee was in the air. He looked over and saw a steaming mug on the nightstand. He smiled; she was so good to him. He sat up in bed and grabbed the cup of coffee, inhaled its rich aroma and took a sip. It was still warm. He looked over at her sitting at the desk briskly typing on the computer keyboard.

“Good morning” she said, without looking up.

“Good morning to you” he replied with a smile.

After a few more pecks at the keyboard and a couple of clicks with the mouse, she stood from the desk and walked over to the bed. She was wearing the short satin robe he had purchased from Joyce’s Touch of Class. No special occasion, just because he loved her. He watched her every move. The robe hung low off her left shoulder, exposing her soft, supple skin. She noticed and gave a demure smile.

“Thanks for last night” he said.

“Oh, thank you” she said, sliding into bed with him. She snuggled up beside him and laid her head on his shoulder. “I was just answering a few congratulatory emails. Were you feeling vigorous last night?”

“I’ll admit I was feeling great,” he answered.

“I’m very proud of you, Mister Mayor,” she said while running her hand across his massive chest. She traced her fingertips lightly around the outline of his pectoral muscles, over to his arm, where she squeezed his hard bicep, breathing deep the musk of masculinity.

“Thanks baby. I am ready to start today. I slept so well for being so excited. First thing to do is work on the taxes. That is going to completely change Dothan for years to come. Why should our residents pay a sales tax where other states do not? We ARE going to stimulate this economy. I love Dothan.”

“Have I ever told you how important you are to the democratic process?” She asked.

“Hmmm, let me think about that for a moment…only everyday.” He answered.

She giggled, “Oh stop it. Who else in this town listens to their constituents like you do? No one else uses their own lunchtime as a forum for the citizens. No one else has the ideas like yours for reducing taxes. While others are mired in the status quo, you have the wherewithal to make Dothan a better place for the people. Yesterday, sixty seven percent of this city’s voters decided they want a man with a vision.”

“Making Dothan Better For The People” he said sternly, reiterating his campaign slogan.

She looked up at him. He ran his fingers through her hair and gently held her face as he kissed her. “I love you Debra,” he said.

“I love you too, Keith.”

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks Aerial Angels

You gave me the best moment of the weekend of the Father Daughter dance with my granddaughter Shyanne. Shy’s dad could not make it to the dance, so I was standing in, I am ToppaTom. I was supposed to be Poppa Tom, but Toppa was what she said when she was little and I like it. I never had children, I got Shy as a granddaughter when I married Kay (Grandmommie).

Saturday afternoon Grandmommie got her all dressed up for the dance. Shy looked like Cinderella. Then we went out for our night at the ball. I told Grandmommie I would try not to cry. She ran and danced with her friends all night, but found time for a couple of slow dances with me. We had the best time.

Sunday afternoon we went to Inman Park in Atlanta for the Street Festival. We sat on the grass in the park for the Aerial Angels show. Spike, Flame and Mimi put on a great show and Shy loved it. She kept talking about Spike.

Later in the day Shy wanted to go back to the park to climb on the playground equipment. We stopped by the Aerial Angels and talked to Flame while they were taking a break. As we made our way to the playground I stopped and asked Shy if she wanted a picture. Yes she did. I got a picture of Shy and Spike flexing their muscles. I thanked Spike and we started walking to the playground. Shy squeezed my hand and stopped. She said “Thanks ToppaTom”, and I said “You are so welcome”. She surprised me. I had no idea the time with Spike was so special.

That was the one moment from the whole weekend that will really stick with me. Shy saw that girls could grow up to be strong and do anything they want. I helped her get a little time and picture with someone she looked up to.

A few days later I still think about what she said, “Thanks ToppaTom”, and how much that meant to her. That is one of those little memories that was just for the two of us. It makes me want to cry thinking that I was part of that special moment with her. Years from now everyone will remember the dance. I think that Shy and I will be the only ones who remember the time she had her picture made with Spike and how much it meant to the cutest little girl in the world.