Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thanks Aerial Angels

You gave me the best moment of the weekend of the Father Daughter dance with my granddaughter Shyanne. Shy’s dad could not make it to the dance, so I was standing in, I am ToppaTom. I was supposed to be Poppa Tom, but Toppa was what she said when she was little and I like it. I never had children, I got Shy as a granddaughter when I married Kay (Grandmommie).

Saturday afternoon Grandmommie got her all dressed up for the dance. Shy looked like Cinderella. Then we went out for our night at the ball. I told Grandmommie I would try not to cry. She ran and danced with her friends all night, but found time for a couple of slow dances with me. We had the best time.

Sunday afternoon we went to Inman Park in Atlanta for the Street Festival. We sat on the grass in the park for the Aerial Angels show. Spike, Flame and Mimi put on a great show and Shy loved it. She kept talking about Spike.

Later in the day Shy wanted to go back to the park to climb on the playground equipment. We stopped by the Aerial Angels and talked to Flame while they were taking a break. As we made our way to the playground I stopped and asked Shy if she wanted a picture. Yes she did. I got a picture of Shy and Spike flexing their muscles. I thanked Spike and we started walking to the playground. Shy squeezed my hand and stopped. She said “Thanks ToppaTom”, and I said “You are so welcome”. She surprised me. I had no idea the time with Spike was so special.

That was the one moment from the whole weekend that will really stick with me. Shy saw that girls could grow up to be strong and do anything they want. I helped her get a little time and picture with someone she looked up to.

A few days later I still think about what she said, “Thanks ToppaTom”, and how much that meant to her. That is one of those little memories that was just for the two of us. It makes me want to cry thinking that I was part of that special moment with her. Years from now everyone will remember the dance. I think that Shy and I will be the only ones who remember the time she had her picture made with Spike and how much it meant to the cutest little girl in the world.

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  1. You're welcome - it's stories like yours that make our day brighter and let us know that we're accomplishing what we set out to do!

    Allison from Aerial Angels