Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where's Mariah Carey's Hips?

Mariah Carey has a new commercial for Jenny Craig.  It is not flattering at all.  "Little in the middle but she's got much back" a famous poet once said.  A hourglass figure is the most appealing to dudes like me.

Here's a much better image, showing some hips.


  1. Oh they're still there, believe me, I study them ... often. Okay, just kidding about that, maybe not, but I think she's just wearing clothing that flatters her figure.

    Best luck with your new book. I've got a copy of "And the Egret Cawed" but, sadly, I won't be purchasing "The Unauthorized Biography of Ricky Stokes." I'm just not that into Ricky Stokes.

    1. How do you like the new layout with the topics up top? I will try this weekend to make the home page blank.

  2. Just done watching the video here and I really enjoyed watching maria carey commercial

  3. yeah, agreed, I think she lost her figure..but anyway, she is still beautiful.