Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. The Day The Music Died was exhausting, no not really. I started a new magazine named writer/reader. Currently it is four pages but I hope it grows and grows.

writer/reader was born from a frustration with free papers/magazine/readers, whatever you call those free things you find in coffee shops. Whenever I pick one up it has more advertisements than actual items to read. Then the reading material was never worth the paper it was printed on; ancient jokes no one finds funny, horoscopes, nothing worth reading.

I wanted to provide you with something worthwhile and mentally stimulating. I have assembled a few bloggers to submit stories or poetry each month for a FREE magazine that I promise will be better than other free ones. The magazine is open to anyone who wants to submit work for publication. I ask that you try to keep your work to 1000 words or less. 500 words would be even better. Submissions should be fiction or names changed to protect yourself. Keep it family friendly as this magazine will be placed in restaurants and coffee shops. I hope to add a mailing list one day.

Here’s the link to the online February issue. Please give feedback or submit your own story.


And here is a link to the Facebook fanpage.


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