Thursday, November 20, 2008

Musical Chairs

All hell broke loose at Hooters Restaurant in Dothan this Friday. A not so friendly game of musical chairs turned ugly quickly. Whimlady and Chig were all set to begin their game when a large blue Toyota pickup crashed through the front door. RehobethRebel jumped out of the truck brandishing a large King James Version of the Holy Bible and began calling everyone sinners. A Hooters waitress attempted to ask RehobethRebel to leave, but he knocked her up side the head with the bible. He was jumped by several other Hooters waitresses.
In the confusion Whimlady tried to reach the musical chair by kicking Chig in the groin. She screamed in agony. Chig reached into his wrestling trunks, although wrestling trunks were not mandatory, he just thought they made his butt look good, and pulled out an extra large cowbell. Chig slammed the cowbell on Whim’s head and began beating on it with a drum stick.
Guest referee Dishwater was overcome with laughter by all of the events. When his back was turned, the other guest referee CCDollar stole a handful of his chicken wings and began nibbling on them. Dishwater caught the thievery out of the corner of his eye, turned and kicked CCDollar in the groin. This made CCDollar spew the contents of his mouth in Dishwater’s face, blinding him. Dishwater felt for a bottle of wing sauce on the bar and squirted it at CCDollar. CCDollar pulled a waitress in front of him to block the sauce, which covered her heaving bosom. She turned and kicked CCDollar in the groin.
Csolo ran to the waitress and attempted to clean her by wiping a chicken wing through her cleavage and sucking the sauce from the wing. She smiled at Csolo and he had another heart attack.
Suddenly a shot rang out. Everyone turned to see Sheriff Quilla with a gun. She announced that she was locking the place down and told everyone to behave. WiregrassLive members are no longer allowed at Hooters Restaurant.