Thursday, May 15, 2008

Accident at Rickey Stokes News

Rumors have been floating around downtown Dothan the last few days concerning the automobile accident at A Advantage Bonding or Headquarters for Rickey Stokes News.

A Volkswagen Jetta fitting the description of the one that crashed into Stokes’ office was, until recently, seen up on blocks in front of Mark Culver’s mobile home. Culver denied knowledge of ever having the car, but the day after the car was reported missing by one of his neighbors a Mobile Attic storage unit appeared at Culver’s trailer court residence. Neighbors reported seeing Culver remove large quantities of Busch beer and Redman chewing tobacco from the storage unit.

City Attorney Len White took an unexpected vacation on the day of the accident. Witnesses at the scene of the accident reported hearing the driver of the Jetta jump out and proclaim, “Hoooeeeee, I got you Stokes!” before running away. Len White was recently overheard at the infamous Ray’s Restaurant Fish Fry exclaiming, “Hoooeeeee, them’s some good catfish!”

John Keppy is putting his keen detectiving skills to use trying to find out how to piece this puzzle together. So far he has ascertained that controlled explosions were not responsible for the collapse of the front of the building, as previously reported. The car did cause the damage.

Stokes is currently in Myanmar flying aid to cyclone victims with his personal helicopter.

All of this is currently speculation until Keppy or Larry McKee can get more facts.

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