Monday, February 6, 2012

White Table, Black Vanity

This table started out as a standard wood finish 3' x 5' boring thing. You know we won't stand for that. I sanded it with my DeWalt just to get the shine and a few scratches off.

Then I spray painted it with the cheap flat white spray paint. This one took about 8 cans. I had to spray three coats to get good coverage.

Don't forget to wear some kind of breathing protection. I didn't and I was coughing spray paint in the shower that night.

I wasn't satisfied with a plain white table so I used a straight edge and a flat head screw driver to score lines to simulate separate boards.

Then I got the stain and went to work rubbing. Just a little and rub it in to make the table look aged and dirty. Yes, my arms were killing me at this point. I had already done the black vanity below.

Here is a closeup of the staining. Strangely, this project came out finished with just the staining. I didn't have to wax it. Maybe it was from using less stain than I did on the vanity or the difference in paint color. When I do a piece in black I soak it with stain to give a rich color and wet look, but I have to rub it a lot to get the extra stain off or it will be sticky.

Here is the finished table sitting in my wife's booth at the front of Old South Antique Mall - $85 Sorry but it has been SOLD

The vanity before I started. I had to glue a few pieces and sand the top back to the wood. This piece is on casters and would also make a nice desk. I painted it with flat black spray paint, and sanded it back to the wood in several places to give it an aged look. Then I gave it a good wash in stain. I didn't sand it enough in some places so I rubbed extra hard to get the paint off to show the wood.

Here's a closeup of it sitting in my wife's booth. She has already put things on it like some beautiful woman has been sitting there doing her makeup.

That's me taking a picture, notice how large the mirror is. Yes I am wearing short pants. This has been the best winter ever.

Vanity with mirror is $125

Here's some stuff from my booth.
Floating duck decoys - $18 each, very nice
Ancient paddle and pot stirrer - $30 each
Full set of Pool Balls - $25
Metal Tool Box - $18
various wine bottles - $1 to $1.50

Here's a rocking horse in her booth - $65

This is a candle maker's dream come true. An old metal bucket filled with probably a million baby food jars. Most are small, some are tall. $10 for the whole thing. Take the bucket with you.

My wife labeled the tree trunk club as a "shaker" but it is too heavy to shake. Few men have the strength to wield this thing. It is very heavy and has a nice patina - $30

That's some good rope for a swing in the crate below. 1" diameter and about fifty feet long - $12.

Real bowling pins - $19.95 for the set of three
Very large wine bottle - $10
Can't see it but there is a nylon holster hanging on that rack for $8

Great old army plaque, can't remember the dude's name.


  1. aw, go get those jars and make some candles. You reminded me I had to edit it to say the white table SOLD yesterday. We should have bumped the price up.

  2. I really enjoyed this, you have much better luck with your projects than I do. :)