Thursday, June 18, 2009

WiregrassLive Mobile Estates...Chapter 1

PinkCamo, a longtime resident of the WiregrassLive Mobile Estates, could usually walk her dogs without concern for other residents or pets. Annie, the blind poodle, required a leash due to her demeanor around other animals. Eve, the Bloodhound, inspired more trust. Most residents of WiregrassLive Mobile Estates gave Pink a wide berth. Aggression was commonplace when she was walking the dogs; the poodle was known to attack too.

It started as a normal walk, but as she rounded the corner she halted as a DebbieT, the newest resident to WiregrassLive Mobile Estates, approached with two Great Danes, Michael and Lucifer. All four dogs immediately started barking. Both women were trying to restrain the dogs while screaming at each other.

Pink was first, “Got Dammit, I told you not to come near me with a dog!” her Kool cigarette wiggling between her lips.

“You didn’t tell me sheeet, beetch!” DebbieT spat in retort.

“Every-Got-Dam-body knows not to come near my dog!” PinkCamo exclaimed.

“Well Hells Bells, now I know!” DebbieT shouted as she was pulling her dogs away, adding, “Bitch” in a lower tone as she rounded the corner.

PinkCamo switched her can of cold Miller Lite to her leash hand as she proceeded to slap Annie’s head until she stopped barking. “Shut-Up! I almost spilled my beer because of you!” She drug Annie back to her trailer, Eve happily following behind. She threw the door open, escorted the dogs in and slammed it shut. Exhausted, she sat on her dog hair covered sofa, took a long drink, then an even longer drag on the Kool cigarette, sexily blew the smoke from her flaring nostrils and asked no one in particular “Who the hell was that?”

At approximately the same time DebbieT reached the remedial comfort of her new home. She popped open a Seagram’s wine cooler and lit a Kool cigarette herself. Overwhelmed, by everything happening in her life, the tears came. She sobbed out loud “Who in the hell was that?”

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