Monday, March 17, 2008

Gay Community Split Over Jeff Gordon’s Hairstyle

Gay Community Split Over Jeff Gordon’s Hairstyle

Nascar Racing Champion Jeff Gordon may have lost a few fans after his latest visit to Great Clips. Gordon was the most popular driver among gay fans, until he changed his hairstyle.

Chase Billingsly, Chairman of the Dothan Club “Gays Love Jeff” said his organization is in turmoil over Gordon’s latest decision. “Our little club is really divided right now”, Billingsly said, “Some like him with short hair, others like me, love his longer, flowing sexy locks. How can you resist that man jumping around after a victory covered in Pepsi? I wear his cologne everyday, it has a hint of motor oil, you know?”

Club member Cleveland Pattison is happy Gordon switched back to shorter hair. “Give me Jeff Gordon with short hair, a little beard stubble, his driving suit open for his chest hair to show, then throw in the smell of burning rubber and I am in Heaven! Have mercy!” Pattison exclaimed.

Jeff Gordon could not be reached for comment.

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