Monday, March 17, 2008

Local Woman Hospitalized Over Lack Of Grey’s Anatomy

Local Woman Hospitalized Over Lack Of Grey’s Anatomy

Headland resident Tammy Holland was hospitalized yesterday, in serious condition, from what doctors speculate is a lack of new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Ms. Holland was found in her home babbling “McDreamy…McDreamy…McDreamy”. Upon arrival at Southeast Alabama Medical Center she was upgraded to stable condition.

Dr. Sam Jacobson attributed her improvement to seeing a bunch of doctors involved with tomfoolery. “The familiarity of white lab coats immediately soothed Ms. Holland,” Dr. Jacobson said adding, “The Hollywood writer’s strike has affected people in our community. We don’t have anyone here who looks like Patrick Dempsey, but she did tell me I have romantic eyes. We started her on a small dose of season two’s DVD box set, and have seen major improvements.”

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