Monday, March 17, 2008

I10 Connector Finalized

I10 Connector Finalized, ALDOT Director Hopes “Everyone Will Just Shut Up About This”

Alabama Department of Transportation Director Bill Frisk finalized the plans for the Interstate 10 connector for the Dothan area this morning. Frisk posted the following comments for all news outlets, refusing any additional comment.

From The Desk of William “Bill” Frisk, ALDOT Director
“Governor Riley is tired of hearing about this I10 connector thing and so am I. He told me to come up with something just so everyone will shut up about this. So here is the plan. Say goodbye to Dothan, it will be razed. We are going to run six lanes of interstate from Montgomery all the way through what used to be Dothan, down to Interstate 10 at Marianna. We got tired of hearing everybody bitch about it, so there you go. The Governor said he wanted to keep a few landmarks so we will spare the Cowboys and probably Applebees. Everything else will be gone. The city of Donalsonville, Georgia wants has asked for “as much scrap lumber as they can get” from the demolishing of Dothan. I think they want to build a new school or something.”

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