Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Lights

We were eating at Ma Fia's Pizza in Opelika Alabama, did I mention they have excellent food?  Anyway, you can check out their restaurant here Gallery and look at the lights on the third and fourth pics.  I thought that might be something I could do.

While I don't have beautiful jugs like those, I did find some large pickle jars.  I sheared thin pieces of sheet metal at work and pop riveted the frames together.  One jar contains Xmas lights and curvy vines, the other has a vintage filament bulb. 

 I do have a large 5 gallon glass jug I plan to make a hanging frame for but I haven't figured out the lighting.  My wife is listing these babies on Etsy as I type and I will put them at Old South Antique Mall tonight or in the morning.

Here is a link to our place on Etsy, where you can find other items and more pics of each light.  KGilbertDesigns on Etsy


  1. Are these lights made from pickle jars? They look great but I would think it might be difficult to find materials nowadays as everything is made out of plastic.

    My sister-in-law gave my wife and I a set of redneck wine glasses as a gift recently. They're made from candle holders and mason jars. They look great but I think they might be more expense to make than just buying a wine glass.

    If you made these, I think my wife might be interested in buying one like the second picture.

  2. Thanks Jim, they are pickle jars, I enjoyed making them and am excited about making more. Someone on FB said they look like fireflies in a jar. I will be putting them in my wife's booth at Old South Antique Mall later this afternoon if you want to check them out. Better hurry though because those women that work there usually snatch things up quickly.