Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Visitor Chapter 5

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Kate hurried home as fast as she could.  She was surprised she arrived safely in her current stressful state.  All she wanted to do was sleep in order to wake up from the nightmare day she had so far.  “Believe, Believe, Believe” raced through her mind while she was driving.  She sang a variety of songs she could think of containing the word believe.  Anything she could do to change the context of the word. 

Her cat, Mister Hedley, greeted her as soon as she walked in the door.  He rubbed his body against her leg and she picked him up immediately, hugging his soft body to her cheek.  “It’s so good to see you.  I’ve had a bad day,” she said as the cat began purring. 

The first stop was the kitchen, where she fed Hedley.  Her stomach was also complaining about being empty on the way home.  A banana sandwich sounded good.  She ran some water in a glass and took one of her sleeping pills.  She could not wait to be unconscious.  Bread, mayo, banana and plain potato chips squeezed together made a simple but satisfying meal.  She took a bite, savoring the creamy mayo and bananas, the chips were salty and crunchy, a perfect balance.  The image of the visitor raced through her mind.  She cursed the woman and made her way to the bedroom. 

She took the last bite of her sandwich as she was undressing.  She turned on the water in the shower, letting it run hot.  Then Kate stood in the relaxing hot water.  She breathed deep the steamy vapors.  It was soothing and the sleeping pill began to make her drowsy. 

After the shower Kate went back to the kitchen for a nightcap.  Couple of ice cubes, half Coke, half Bacardi.  She took a sip and felt the tingling sensation rush over her body.  Believe still played in her head.  She went back to the bedroom and grabbed another sleeping pill.  “I don’t care” she thought “I am off tomorrow and I do not want to remember this day.”  She popped the other pill in her mouth and chased it down with her mixed drink.

Kate pulled an old pack of cigarettes from the back of the cabinet drawer.  She fished around for a lighter, finally finding a pack of matches, then stepped out on the back porch.  The night air was cool and damp.  “Won’t be long now.”  She thought as she savored the rum. 

After about ten minutes, she took one last sip of the drink and the last drag from the cigarette.  She was very relaxed.  “Time for bed.”

She giggled, feeling tipsy as she stood.  She locked up the house and made her way to the bedroom.  She pulled back the covers, turned off the lamp and lay down.  Mister Hedley nestled in beside her. 

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