Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kevin Presley Returns

“Helen, it’s ten o’clock.  Put down those crocheting needles and come watch the news,” Martha said.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.  Ooh I’m so excited Kevin Presley is back with WDHN News 18, where Dothan’s First,” Helen said.

“Me too.  Sit down, I poured you some buttermilk with cornbread.”

“I would like to dip Kevin Presley in some buttermilk.”

“Helen!  I swanee.”

“Oh Martha you think he’s handsome too.”

“Hush up now, it’s coming on.”  Martha said.

Good evening and thank your for tuning to WDHN News, I’m Kevin Presley.  Dothan police are investigating a stolen…

“What in the Hades is this?”  Helen asked.

“What happened to his hair?”  Martha asked.  “It looks brown now, used to be black.”

“It was black.  Something else is different.  It could be the sideburns or he is trimming his hair too close on the sides.”

“Makes his head look too skinny.  Do you think his wife is feeding him enough?” 

“Well, sister, he could come over here and I would keep him fed.”  Helen said, holding back a coy smile.

“Helen, you’re terrible.  Hey, you dated Ken Curtis before he shipped off for the D-Day invasion.  Give him a call and find out what’s going on with KP’s hair.”

Helen called WDHN and asked for Ken Curtis.  After a few moments he picked up the phone.

"Ken…guess who…no, not that young bitty Jenna…it’s Helen Russo…fine and you…oh Ken I know you are…what….well I haven’t in a long time…I supposed I could just for you tiger…Oh Ken, you man you…say Ken, let me ask you a question…what happened to Kevin’s hair…what…no need to get testy Ken…no, I…Ken…Ken.  Martha I think he hung up on me.”  Helen said.

“He was always jealous of your boyfriends,” Martha added.

“Some people never change,” Helen pondered, “but some do.”  She closed her eyes and focused on Kevin Presley’s voice.  She imagined him with longer, blacker hair, his sideburns full and neatly styled, he was shirtless and riding a horse as he spoke of the local news, his chest hair flowing with a gentle summer breeze.

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