Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Possible Caveman Found in Dothan

Scientists from the Dunbarton Institute discovered what they believe to be Dothan’s earliest man. Dr. Richard McSweeney confirmed the discovery of a possible prehistoric man at the intersection of Denton Road and Westgate Parkway. “A male subject was found in the area. We have our best scientists, some of whom make almost $17 per hour, working to determine the actual age of this prehistoric man.” Dr. McSweeney stated, adding, “The man, whom we refer to a Darryl due to ancient markings on his clothing, is in a well preserved state.

“We believe Darryl was a shaman or guide of some sort. In his possession was a metal staff approximately 1.2 meters long with an octagonal placard affixed. The placard reads STOP on one side and the other has SLO, but the last letter is too hard to read. As I speak to you, scientists from the Library are trying to decipher the message. My colleagues speculate he is part of a lost tribe of road builders. Apparently they spent decades in that specific area, who knows if the project was ever complete.”

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