Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bacardi Silver Mojito

“Roy, I bought you some of those drinks you wanted.”

“Thanks babe” Roy said as he cracked open a Bacardi Silver Mojito. “These are so cool and refreshing on a hot day.”

“I know, you have told me several times.” Linda quipped.

“I can’t help it. I love these fruity things.”

“What would your buddies think about you drinking girly drinks? They might say you were gay.”

“I can drink whiskey straight from the bottle and any beer from light to stout, but I will never drink enough to have DickieDoo like those guys.” Roy added.

“What is DickieDoo?” Linda asked.

“That is from drinking so much your stomach sticks out more than your…”

“I get it, you fool.”

“I’m a fool for you. Come here baby.”

Roy pulled her close and kissed her hard. Linda tasted the Bacardi Silver Mojito on his lips, but more than that she tasted the passion from a man, a real man, who loved her like no one else had. She wrapped her arms around him, gripping his tight back muscles. His hands moved about her body, one hand exploring the curves of her hips, the other hand holding her head close to his. Her knees weakened and her body was flush with passion. Her senses tingled with the touch of his hands on her body. Firm grips in some places and light caresses in others. They held each other close. Their movements became a dance of rhythmic lust with sweet melodies of love. The music for their dance was the sound of kisses, moans and the gentle “I Love You” spoken whenever their eyes met. Several times she sang her own song.

After the exhausting dance, his arm around her with her head on his chest, she smiled thinking back to when they first met. She always wanted to dance with John Travolta; he was a sexy man who knew his way around a dance floor. Roy could not dance, even with Linda leading he was lost on the dance floor. But their private dance was getting better all the time. She made a quick mental note to pick up more Bacardi Silver Mojito, because he is man enough to drink anything he wants. She closed her eyes, her hand moved softly over his body until she drifted to sleep.

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