Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes We Can Dothan

Former Dothan High School dropout Curtis “Downtown” Brown made an $800 cash donation to Yes We Can Dothan, last Thursday night. Downtown lauded the program for educating children early in stages of development, before they decide to drop out.

“Man, Yes We Can got it goin on,” Downtown said enthusiastically, adding “I ain’t got to teach nobody how to read no scales no more. Brothers used to be saying Downtown, how many grams in an ounce. Whatever y’all be teaching them over there, word up, it’s workin?”

Director of Communications, Twyla Williams appeared dumbfounded by the donation and Downtown’s comments. She did little communicating aside from a shocked look on her face and her mouth hanging open during the presentation.

“Gimme some love girl,” Downtown said as he rejected the customary handing over of the check with a handshake pose. Downtown instead held the cash in his most earnest gangster pose, eight one hundred dollar bills fanned out spectacularly, including pulling up his shirt to show a pistol tucked into his pants. He went on to describe another youngster who benefited from Yes We Can’s educational programs, Dontae Jones.

“The other day two of my boys were bout to throw down over who gun was best and my boy Dontae, he just got kicked out for dealin, Dontae said “Technically the forty five has a larger diameter, whereas the nine millimeter, due to its smaller size can carry almost twice as many bullets. I have found the forty caliber to be an honest compromise. Ole Dontae sounded like a professor at Wallace. Too bad T-bone shot him for being uppity. It’s all good in the hood.”

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  1. Well, it was an interesting story, since that is all it was..a fictional story. In other words, there were NO FACTS in the story, other than you did spell my name right and get my title correct.

    If I need to defend myself, I will: Last Thursday night, I was in Rome, GA. Yes We Can Dothan does NOT accept money from anyone. We are totally funded by a grant through the Wiregrass Foundation. We've had no contact with either character mentioned in the story.

    Just wanted to make sure that no one truly believes this took place. :-)

    However, if any former DCS dropouts would like to make donations to help our schools, it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact the school of your choice to help them out or contact the Adopt-A-School program through the Yes We Can Dothan web site.
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