Friday, June 3, 2011

Tomato Sandwich

I saw the man on the side of the road in Pinckard selling vegetables out of the back of his truck and this time driving by I have cash.  He has signs advertising MATERS and KORN.  I am reminded of a band named Korn with a K but I think the band used a backward R, so there is probably no connection.  I whip around my wife's Taurus wagon and pull up to the makeshift stand.  He also has okra and squash.  I ask where the tomatoes originated.  Malvern he says, that is close enough to Slocomb for me.  I purchase twelve pre-husked ears of corn along with some tomatoes and a mess of okra.  For those not familiar with a mess, it is a commonly used unit of measure in the South, ranging anywhere from a helping to a half a hamper.  I told him the ingredients will go together to make a soup.  He asks if he can come to my house.  I just smiled, thanked him and left.

Just in case you were wondering I got all of that for $15.  $5 for the dozen ears of corn pre-husked, $4 for the okra and another $4 for the tomatoes.  I told him to keep the change, in return he handed me a few more tomatoes and some kind of little round squash.  I love the South.

My wife is not home yet and I want a snack.  Oh no, all we have is wheat bread.  I have never had a tomato sandwich on wheat, it will have to do.  I picked the smallest tomato and sliced, then applied a liberal portion of mayonnaise to the bread.  Then generous salt, pepper and ten dots of Tabasco sauce.

Even on the wheat bread the sandwich is good.  Nothing can quite describe the taste of the mixture of milky goodness that drips from the sandwich to my plate.  If you have never tried this delicacy then get yourself to Slocomb, or the surrounding area during the early summer.  Make yourself one of these simple but flavorful sandwiches.  I may save one for my wife to have a sandwich too.  I need to get some white bread and bacon, oh bacon makes it so much better.  Excuse me now, I have to go back to the kitchen.

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  1. I'll have a BLT with extra mayo on wheat toast. Love your column.