Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Remove Your Baseball Cap In Restaurants

Real men don’t wear baseball caps in a restaurant. It is time to grow up little one. A baseball cap is fine for bad hair days or even playing baseball, but not when you are sitting in a restaurant eating. Most males these days have short haircuts, which seem to negate the need for even wearing a baseball cap.

My hair is a not short and looks rough when I wake up and lounge around the house on the weekends. I throw on a baseball cap to keep from looking like a bum. I also wear one on hot days to absorb sweat while working in the yard. If we happen to eat out on a day I have hat hair I always remove the cap in the restaurant.

In the first half of the 20th century fedora style hats were in fashion and most men wore them. If these men ever ventured indoors or were in the presence of a lady they promptly removed their hat. It was a sign of good manners, respect and class.
So remove those hats at the appropriate times and people notice that you are a classy fellow.

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